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I’m currently working on two awesome video courses to be released soon™: Node.js Testing and Build and Deploy Microservices. Subscribe to my newsletter to get notified when they’re released.

Node.js Testing takes you through the fundamentals of software testing. You’ll learn why testing is important and how to write a solid test suite with Node.js. We’ll go through several concepts including static, unit, integration and end-to-end testing, test coverage, and mocking. We’ll also explore popular testing libraries in the Node.js ecosystem that can help us write and ship quality code faster, and work on building and testing a real world web application. What’s more? This course is 100% free!

Build and Deploy Microservices is a comprehensive introduction to the world of microservices. You’ll learn what microservices are, how they differ from monoliths, and why and when you should use them in building a product. We’ll go through microservice design principles such as loose coupling and high cohesion, explaining what they mean and how you can apply them practically. You’ll learn microservice communication strategies like REST, RPC and messaging by implementing them. We’ll build a real world distributed system using microservices architecture and deploy it to production. You’ll learn how to test and monitor microservice-based systems, ensuring stability and high availability. There are no assumptions of prior knowlegde of any of the technologies used in the course. You’ll go through a crash course on all the tools and be provided resources to build expertise in each of them.