Alpha Coder

I code, therefore I am

Hi there! I’m Nicholas Kajoh, a Software Engineer passionate about solving complex problems with elegant solutions. I have a keen interest in Backend Development and Computer Vision. I enjoy writing web services, poking around servers, playing with cool algorithms and figuring out how things work. I love to tackle problems in ePayments, E-commerce/Logistics, Transportation and Social Networking.

I’m also a writer, teacher and course creator. I’m the author of Alpha Coder, a programming blog where I publish high-quality technical articles mostly on things I’m learning and excited about. I organize local workshops periodically to teach everything software development from version control with Git to containerization using Docker, as well as create comprehensive programming courses to teach on/offline.

Want to say hi? Hit me up on Twitter. My DMs are open! You can learn more about my work experience and technical skills by perusing my LinkedIn and GitHub. If you would like to recieve updates on new articles, courses and more, you should subscribe to my newsletter. Enjoy the content on Alpha Coder? Please buy me a coffee. :)